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What Our Members Are Saying

I have been on HelpMeSusan since the early 2000’s.  I cannot imagine not having this website and her list serve.  Professionals of all ‘stripes’ participate in this resource sharing and go out of their way to answer difficult inquiries.  Perhaps they may be competitors of the person asking the question, but that doesn’t matter.  Kindness and compassion are the rule of the day.  To be able to access 1500 “healers” immediately is a Godsend.  Given Susan’s other responsibilities, I don’t know how she finds the time to do this service for the community. 

Warren Lind, M.A., M.S.W., L.C.S.W.

Geriatric/Medical Social Worker

I am a hospital social worker. Help Me Susan has been a terrific resource for me and my clients. I’ve referred clients to traveling hair stylists, podiatrists and notaries as many of my clients are bed bound or have difficulty leaving their home due to age, weakness, etc. I also have found helpful continuing education opportunities to maintain my licensure.
Kellee Potthast MSW, LCSW

Hospital Social Worker, Mercy Hospital Jefferson

HelpMeSusan.org is an amazing resource for professionals working in the social services and healthcare community in the St. Louis area. No matter if you are a newer professional or have been in these fields for many years, this non-profit and community is invaluable! It allows members to reach out to multiple individuals to access and share information, services and resources for their clients and/or patients. One of my most memorable times of receiving assistance through this community was for a senior adult client needing assistance and guidance on finding a brother she had lost touch with. She didn’t have the funds to hire a private investigator to do a search for him. A local attorney, who was a member of the community, reached out to me and agreed to help her, pro bono, and was able to locate her brother in a short time. Unfortunately, the brother was deceased, but she had closure knowing that fact and being able to enter his lifespan in her cherished family bible. I know if I didn’t have HelpMeSusan.org , it would be much more difficult to access the information that my clients need!”
Kathleen Eichhorst

About Help Me Susan:

Founder, Susan Signorino, LMSW, CMC, started a professional networking email listserv in 1994 on a small scale as a way to communicate with other Hospice and Home Care social workers in the St. Louis area. Susan was working in rural Jefferson County, Missouri and felt very isolated and wanted to be able to extend her reach and connect with other professional social workers.

In 2008, Susan started working in St. Louis and spreading the word, so her email listserv eventually skyrocketed into 300-400 emails per day!