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Susan Signorino

Susan Signorino, LMSW, CMC

HelpMeSusan.org has been a work in progress for quite some time. Founder, Susan Signorino, LMSW, CMC, started a professional networking email listserv in 1994 on a small scale as a way to communicate with other Hospice and Home Care social workers in the St. Louis area. Susan was working in rural Jefferson County, Missouri and felt very isolated and wanted to be able to extend her reach and connect with other professional social workers. In 2008, she started working in St. Louis and spreading the word, so her email listserv eventually skyrocketed into 300-400 emails per day! "I had no life and sbcglobal.net thought I was a terrorist and a spammer!" said Susan, before following a colleague's advice and moving the email listserv to Yahoo! Groups in 2009.

Over the past 20 years, Susan has accumulated a wealth of information. She has always wanted to create a website, a blog and a community forum for professionals as a way to organize all of this useful information.  The goal of HelpMeSusan.org is for professionals to share what they do and what they have to offer. It is meant for the professional and not for seniors/the lay person.  It is absolutely FREE for any professional to utilize our website, join the discussions and take advantage of all the great resources available.  If you are interested in advertising in our Business Directory, learn more here.

We can all achieve greater success with our patients / clients / residents when we assist one another!

Sandi Guyton

Sandi Guyton is no stranger to Healthcare having spent 16 years in the senior industry. She has a successful, extensive sales and marketing work history engaging hospitals, cancer centers, retirement communities, and physician groups in the healthcare marketplace. Sandi's work history details execution of strong account management, sales, marketing skills to maintain key prospects and clients, with significant experience in marketing Home Care, Hospice, Home Infusion, and Home Medical Equipment. As a Home Care Liaison Sandi met with clients, and families to develop hospital and in home patient assessments and care plans to insure a smooth, safe, transition home, meeting the needs of each client.

Sandi attended Ladue High School, Southeast Missouri State University, and Maryville University. Her passion is helping others by being a resource for clients, family members, patients, and colleagues.

HelpMeSusan.org is a communication platform created for Healthcare professionals to communicate, advise, and interact about community support, educational events, and resources needed for their clients and patients.

Sandi's position at HelpMeSusan.org is Business/Product Development, her responsibilities include increasing awareness and expanding utilization of the listserv and website.