Millions of us have had to instantly learn a new, hopefully temporary, way of working! You may be thinking, this has been an incredible opportunity to be at home, but more than likely anxiety has hit you about how you can make this work.  Everything has been disrupted! Well, this time of uncertainty can be a time of opportunity to get very creative, work on our perspectives and remain in a grateful.

  • CHECK YOUR ATTITUDE...maybe at the door.
    Take a moment to think about times in your life when you have overcome a challenge. Keep that thought in your mind as you begin to discover that this can be a frustration, mountain, or hurdle that you can make your way over just as you did in the past. Or, like many others, you have been waiting for this moment for years! Maybe, you never asked yourself could I really work from home and make it work? NOW, is that time. Embrace it!
    Look out your window…What do you see? Do you see lush green grass, tall beautiful trees, birds flying by, butterflies landing on your flowers, families walking together, or do you see all the work you have to do? Do you see your neighbors yard, looking better than yours?  Well, snap out of it! YOU SHOULD BE WORKING! LOL, NO Really, sometimes we need to simply change our perspective. FIND BEAUTY in what is right in front of you.

Coping Strategies for Stress at Work

    Sitting all day is bad for you, as we all already know. Shake it up with a dance to your favorite song. It will change your state of mind. So will just fake laughter for 5 mins. Laughter boosts your immune system. Both create energy in you. Does it feel silly? Perhaps. So does wearing a mask everywhere we go. Sometimes things are for the best and getting yourself into a different state of mind will fuel change in your attitude.
    Stand Up, Take Deep Breathes, Open your window for fresh air. Studies show that standing more can boost your metabolism, tone muscles, and even reduce common aches and pains.
  • DAILY WRITE OUT 5 Things you are GRATEFUL FOR.
    Is it your family, friends, your pets, your teammates, your boss, your faith, your community, your country…Whatever it maybe? Write them DAILY.

These will help keep you focused and productive which can all lead to a calm, confident YOU!


Annemarie Deutschman

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HMS Business Development Director