If you need medical equipment. The question is always to buy or to rent if insurance is not covering enough funds


Whether your medical equipment is a wheelchair or a wheelchair accessible van, there are many questions you could ask yourself.

  1. How much will insurance cover? Do I have to go with someone they recommend?
  2. Which company is the best one to help me with this decision?
  3. How long is the need for the equipment?
  4. Have any others had a connection to the company I would work with?
  5. If I purchase this equipment, how much would maintenance cost?
  6. How long will the equipment last based on weight and usage if you will be purchasing?
  7. Will I need a van to transport in, will that be a RENT or BUY situation?

Medical Equipment is a significant purchase, check your local medical supply companies 1st


Whether you need it for months or years? Always consult your doctor for a clear direction. Just do your research as well? Sometimes a little time spent on the front end could save you a lot of money. Doing Cost Analysis on large purchases is good no matter what the item! If this will help you have the quality of life for the time of use, then it’s worth the time spent on research.


Doctors can tell you what you may need, the Therapist will guide you as well, but they will not do the cost savings work for you. Being your own advocate for savings can ease your feeling of stress with your finances. But this work and stress must be weighed as well to see which way is best for you. Have a care manager help you?

However, if all of that, you are still overwhelmed there are tons of resources for you in one spot on HELPMESUSAN.org.