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Any Lab Test Now provides direct access to over 8,000 lab tests, as well as phlebotomy and other specimen collection services, through our retail storefront business model. Just like any other retail business, our customers walk in, choose the lab tests they want and get tested. Our customers are a mix of consumers, businesses and government entities. Tests we offer include clinical, general health & wellness, food sensitivity and allergy testing, nutritional testing, mold, heavy metals, STD's, DNA (relationship, forensic, genealogy, pharmacogenomic, etc...) and drug & alcohol testing. We can even test substances!
Why do customers choose us for their lab testing? Family healthcare and medical budgets are big concerns. There is also a desire for confidentiality in some situations. Our affordable, upfront prices fit into most healthcare budgets. Even though we do not accept insurance, our customers can use their Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA) for applicable lab tests. Time matters and our processes are designed to get customers in and out in an average of 15 minutes or less. Most test results are also available in only 24-48 hours. Our goal is to make it simple for consumers to take control of their health.

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P: 314-290-2228
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fax: 314-290-2224
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444 S Brentwood Blvd, Clayton, MO 63105.......INSIDE Medical West